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5 Common Misconceptions About Heat Pumps

Don’t waste time or money believing the biggest heat pump myths

Heat pumps purchases are on the rise with smart homeowners looking toward more energy-efficient options, but there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding these versatile heating and cooling systems. Let’s clear the air with these heat pump facts, so you can make your home and monthly energy bills more comfortable.

  1. MISCONCEPTION: Heat Pumps Are Only for Heating

 TRUTH: Although people typically think of heating when it comes to heat pumps, names can be misleading. Heat pumps use a mechanical-compression refrigeration system that can either heat or cool your home depending on the season. This means you only need one system year-round to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.

heat pump

  1. MISCONCEPTION: They’ll Burn a Hole in Your Wallet

 TRUTH: Heat pumps can help you save over 30% on your energy bill, compared to other conventional heating systems. While the upfront cost may be more than other options, an efficient heat pump paired with proper insulation will save you money in the long run.

  1. MISCONCEPTION: You’ll Need Earplugs Indoors

TRUTH: Heat pumps used to be pretty noisy, but modern air pump technology has evolved into much quieter systems. As long as your heat pump is properly installed by a professional, you shouldn’t have any issues with excess noise.

  1. MISCONCEPTION: Cold Climate Means Cold Home

 TRUTH: One of the biggest misconceptions about heat pumps is that they only work in more temperate climates — not true. Most efficient heat pumps, like Trane systems with their Climatuff™ Variable Speed Compressor, can handle temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit for average-sized homes.

  1. MISCONCEPTION: Their Lifespan is Limited 

TRUTH: Rumor is that heat pumps burn out quicker because they run year-round. The reality is that as long as your heat pump is properly maintained, high-quality models will last at least 15-20 years.

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