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UV Air Purifiers

There are a number of manufacturers of air purifiers who have begun to include a UV stage in their products. This is done so that the air purifiers address the concerns of those who are concerned about microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. The at-risk very old and very young are typically the population for which UV air purifiers are purchased.

Ultraviolet or UV light has a shorter wavelength than violet light which has the shortest wavelength in the visible spectrum. Thus UV is in visible to the human eye. The UV spectrum has been divided into three categories: 380-315 nm which is called UVA and was used in the "Backlights" of the 70s, 315-280 nm which is called UVB, and <280 nm which is called UVC and the range which kills microorganisms. UVA, UVB, and UVC can all cause damage to the eyes and also cause skin cancer.

UV is effective in killing organisms such as bacteria and viruses. It achieves this by disturbing the DNA of the organism at a molecular level. There are two wavelengths of UV light that are best absorbed and thus most effective at killing microorganisms. These are 185 nm and 265 nm. This means that for a UV lamp to be effective killing microorganisms it must emit energy in or around one of those wavelengths. Let Summer Breeze Heating & Air Conditioning install a new TRANE UV Air Purifiers in your home today.


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