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Home Improvemment

Home Improvement

Buying an Older Home: HVAC Checklist

Ready to make the big purchase? Be sure to inspect the HVAC system first! Get your HVAC checklist here to bring with you to your inspection.
Home Improvement

What you need to know about home heating and cooling before you buy

What do you need to know before you speak to an hvac technician? Find information on price, efficiency, and sizing so you're prepared to speak with a Trane technician and make the right purchase for you.
Home Improvement

Renovating an Older Home

Give your house a fresh look with an update. Get some tips for renovating your house, big and small.
Home Improvement

Heating and Cooling and In-Law Suite

Find out what it takes to bring HVAC into your in-law suite.
Home Improvement

Heating and Cooling an Addition to Your Home with Ductless Systems

Thinking about adding on to your home, but not sure about the best way to heat and cool your new space? A ductless system may be the most cost-effective option for your addition and it could help you reduce energy costs.
Home Improvement

Make Your Rental Home Appealing To Guests

Learn tips and tricks to make your short-term rental home more book-worthy!
Home Improvement

How Loud is a Decibel? Why Quiet Appliances Make a Difference

Find out how load your washing machine, lawn mower, and HVAC unit really are and why it matters when you're shopping for your next big household appliance.
Home Improvement

5 Steps to Prep Your Home for Sale

Selling a house can be stressful. But if you take the time do your homework (we know, bad joke), you can quickly tackle a few improvements to make your home more appealing to buyers.
Home Improvement

How to Hide an Ugly HVAC Unit

Not all HVAC systems can be as good looking or unstoppable as a Trane. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and disguise an ugly unit or hide nice, new equipment that’s simply in the way.
Home Improvement

What does the R-22 phase out mean for you and your home heating and cooling system?

Effective 2020, Freon will be illegal to import or manufacture in the US. Find out what you need to do if your heating and cooling system was made prior to 2010.
Home Improvement

Landscaping Around Outdoor HVAC Units

Find out how to take care of your HVAC unit with proper landscaping, from the best plants to have around your unit to providing the best shade for your air conditioner.
Home Improvement

What should be on your fall home maintenance checklist?

From testing your indoor air quality to evaluating your humidity, get insight into what your focus areas should be for your home as the weather gets colder.

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