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5 Air Conditioning Myths That Are Costing You Money

Don’t waste your energy on these common beliefs

Want to save money on your air conditioning expenses and energy bills? Then don’t buy into these common A/C myths.

  1. MYTH: The Size of Your A/C Unit Isn’t Important

FACT: The size of your HVAC unit depends on the size of your space. A too-small air conditioning system will have to work harder to cool your home and wear down sooner. A too-large system will keep turning off and on until it breaks down. Check with a specialist who can help you choose the right size HVAC unit for your home.

  1. MYTH: Turn the Temperature Down for Quicker Cooling

FACT: Your air conditioning unit works just as hard whether you lower it 3 degrees or 30 degrees — getting to the temperature you want is just a matter of time. If you set it lower than you need to and forget about it, you’ll end up paying a higher bill. Try using a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat to save money and get the temperature you actually want.

  1. MYTH: You Don’t Need to Change the Air Filters

FACT: You may vacuum your home on a regular basis, but it’s still important to check your air filters. Air filters are typically inexpensive and can save you money on repair costs and your electric bill in the long run. If you have trouble finding your air filter or replacing it, call a specialist to help you with replacement every 30-90 days.

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  1. MYTH: Run Your HVAC System Until It Quits

FACT: You’ll often hear this myth regarding cars, but it applies to HVAC units, too. Replacing an air conditioner might be more expensive up front, but running your unit past its expiration date will be less efficient and cost you money in the long run on repairs. Start saving money on your energy bills sooner by replacing your old unit before it quits on you.

  1. MYTH: Maintenance Doesn’t Matter

FACT: Broken units are inefficient units, so keep your HVAC unit performing at its peak. What might seem like a minor issue now could become an expensive one later if you don’t repair it.

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